eco-friendly collections


Vanita Rosa is a luxury womenswear collection launched in 2002 by designer Valerie Bourdin. The collection of blouses, dresses and tunics has a unique spirit of the sophisticated, well-traveled woman, combining noble fabrics, pastel colors and French Calais lace. The result is a seasonless brand that's as luxurious as it is bohemian. Women who love to travel the world love Vanita Rosa.
All our collections are designed and entirely manufactured in Paris in our own Atelier, a guarantee of quality. Valerie loves to work with noble materials like linen and silk, delicately assembled with the unique, fine Calais lace that has become the brand's signature. The designer is deeply involved in the entire creative process to ensure perfect, eco-friendly results. She adheres to the philosophy of Slow Fashion, which identifies fashion based on totally artisanal, hand-sewn collections. The style was developed with quality rather than quantity in mind. It aims to rethink our relationship with clothes, stimulating sustainable production methods for the benefit of the planet and all people. The choice to be a quality and above all ethical brand, producing quality clothes. That's why our customers still have 10-year-old pieces in their wardrobes, because Vanita Rosa is timeless and enduring.