Valérie Bourdin was born in Paris. At 21 years old, she moved to Miami to pursue her first passion, fashion photography .She was a model herself for magazines and catalogs in US After 6 years of working for Dolce & Gabbana in Paris and Milan (the best school ...) she decided to move to St. Barths. This is where she created her first fashion designs inspired greatly by the beautiful island landscape. She founded "VANITA ROSA" in 2002 and opened her first store in St. Barths to immediate success. Valérie has created the ideal resort wardrobe for any holiday occasion. With elegant outfits inspired by the bohemian-hippy chic, inimitable style, using the finest fabrics (silk, French lace ,linen)and made in our Parisian workshop exclusively. the Vanita Rosa collection is a “must-have” for fashionistas. Celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Cindy Crawford love to wear the elegant and chic designs created by Vanita Rosa.Since 19 years , years after years, VANITA ROSA moved into the most exclusive places in the world for a sophisticated clientele who has been seduced by a unique range of products made with french know-how



VANITA ROSA is a women’s luxury resortwear collection launched in 2002 by Valérie Bourdin. The collection of blouses, dresses and tunics has a unique gypsy meets jet-set spirit combining noble fabrics, pastel colours and fine French lace from Calais. The result is a seasonless brand as luxurious as bohemian. Women who love travelling around the world are fond of VANITA ROSA.MADE IN FRANCE: All the collections are designed and entirely made in PARIS in our own "Atelier de Couture" which his a guarantee of quality for the brand. Valérie loves working with noble fabrics such as linen or silk and all shapes are gathered with a very unique and fine French lace which became the "signature" of the brand over the years.Each season, she selects the lace from the best French suppliers in Calais and creates her own gradient colours of linen.Valérie is also very intensely involved in the overall process of creation for a perfect result.  From the design of the pattern to the last fitting, Valérie follows everything to be sure that each of her customers receive the perfect outfit. 

Vanita Rosa, embraces the philosophy of Slow Fashion, identifies itself in a fashion based on totally handcrafted collections. The style was developed thinking of a fashion to enhance quality rather than quantity. It aims to rethink our relationship with clothes, stimulating sustainable production methods for the benefit of the planet and all people. The choice to be a quality and above all ethical brand, producing only in the Paris atelier with the use of local artisans, ensures that production is more meticulous and controlled. It is mainly characterized by the use of natural textile fibers making it a niche reality. Vanita Rosa collection is handcrafted in Paris with the utmost respect for people, materials and environment. A timeless, bohemian fashion luxury and feminine collection, made only with the highest quality fabrics. Combining style and well-being…. Glamour and ethics meet…